Saturday 24 June 2006

Taupo Junior Worlds Camp 24/6/2006

[Published 22/8/2020]

Here we are at the second Junior World Champs NZ Team training camp at Taupo. It's now getting close to departure. The team had fun "running the gauntlet" (not sure how else to explain it) which brought out a lot of laughs. Doug

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By Mike Yates - Team Manager

The Juniors had the last camp before leaving for the World Championships in Honduras. The Saturday started with an early start, 5.30 am wake up for fitness at 6 am with Mr Ballard and myself. After breakfast further fitness with Mr Jackson and Mr Trotter. We are very impressed with their fitness, it is apparent that they have been working hard between camps.

On Saturday afternoon the team went to the local pool for a well earned swim. That evening, after tea the Juniors were divided into 5 teams and completed the eating challenge, as seen on Fear Factor. Some handled the challenge very well where others had to use the spit bucket.

On Sunday it was team building games organized by Mr Burr and myself. Those watching found it very amusing as the Juniors were asked to complete various challenges that they had not experienced before.

Team coaches and management would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents and supporters that have helped out at the Junior camps held at Taupo. Their assistance has been invaluable and made the camps very successful. Also like to thank those that have assisted at the trainings sessions held by the coaches in Auckland and Palmerston North.

We have been very fortunate to have had Mr Luke Thompson assist the team, sharing his experience, expertise and knowledge, particularly with power breaking. He gave up weekends to attend camps and we are very grateful for this.

The team is very lucky to have such fantastic assistant coaches, Mr Jackson and Mr Trotter, and managers, Mr Burr and Mrs. Katene. We can't speak highly enough about them as their dedication to the team has gone far beyond what we had ever envisioned. For example the assistant coaches have since October last year held two trainings a week for the Juniors within their patch, this has certainly paid off as the improvement in the juniors is amazing.

The weekend went without a hitch though it was touch and go whether those south of Taupo were going to make it due to the road closures . The snow was either side of the road, very picturesque but disconcerting on the other hand. On the we back we stopped on the Desert Road and had a snow fight, Mr Ballard was hit many times by well aimed snow balls.