Thursday, 24 March 2011

World Champs Group Photos


A few people have asked me where they can find the various group photos that we took during the competition. I've gone through and pulled them into their own album. Here's the link below.

Link to group photos...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

HD Video of NZ Senior Pre-arranged Sparring Winners


Mark Trotter and Luke Thompson Senior Pre-arranged Sparring:

Gold at world champs in 2007
Gold at world cup in 2008
Silver at world champs 2009
Gold at world champs 2011

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Monday, 14 March 2011

World Champs Day 4 Senior Team Medal Ceremony Images [updated]


[15/3/2011 47 more images added]

Images (215)...

TKDAction stats

We've got the medal ceremony and closing images to process and publish. Everyone's been asking how many photos we took.... so here are some stats up to the closing ceremony:

Images taken: 27,694 - 133GB
Images published: 11,500 - 65GB (but they get compressed during publishing)
Posts on 32
Tweets by TKDAction team on @TKDAction: 595 website:
Approximately 24,000 page views
9760 visits
2,000 visits on largest day (Thursday 10th) - Senior individual events

The live video stream had 70,000 viewing hours on day1 - I haven't heard statistics on it since then.

Number of people in the TKDAction team: 7 at all times.
Number of people helping TKDAction: 9

More later today...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday NZ Team Training Session Images


Images (21)...

World Champs - More of our favourite images of the seniors from day 2


Our favourites from the seniors action day 2.

Images (360)...

World Champs - More of our favourite images of the juniors from Day 1

Daiana Turnes - happy gold medalist of the junior hyper weight sparring and a special friend of some of the Kiwis.


We had a rest day today so I took the opportunity to look through the photos that we've taken over the last two days. It took me most of the day!

Anyway, during this I tagged a fair few of the better images to share with you. Call them highlights if you like.

Images (279)...

World Champs Day 2 Pick of the Pix


Some of the Pick of the Pix from yesterday's Senior Individual events.

Images (51)...

World Champs Day 2 Afternoon Session Images Part 2


Images (197)...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Zealand Team Photo


Link to larger size...

Tuesday morning training at the venue

#ITFWC. Today we got to see the inside of the main venue and train there alongside Germany. The venue is looking stunning. Weigh in at 11am (half an hour).

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Monday, 7 March 2011

Pick of the Pix from Monday's NZ team training


#ITFWC. Pick of the Pix (12)...

More images from NZ team's Sunday training

#ITFWC. Now that I am reunited with my broadband data cards here are the rest of the images from Sunday's training in Wellington.

Sunday training in Wellington (252 images)...

Monday morning NZ team training

The NZ #ITFWC team trained in shed 6 adjacent to the main World Champs venue here in Wellington this morning.

When we arrived at shed 6 my heart dropped as it was really dark and I thought that this was going to be a write off. Then I remembered the times in Houston in 2006 and Canada in 2007 when a dark venue presented challenges that produced some great images. So I cheered myself up, set the ISO way up at 1600 (faster sensor speed, more grain, less sharpness) and went to it. After a while I had to set the ISO at 3200 (the highest I've shot at for ages) and for one image with my wide angle 10-22 lens I had to increase the ISO to 6400.

I converted many of the images to black and white to make the most of the industrial feel of the setting leaving only the ones featuring lots of colour from the back wall or the bright yellow mat in original colour.

Debbie Trotter brought down the two datacards I stupidly left at home and I'm not reunited with them so are now able to use my laptop on the internet - yay.

Images from training (84)...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

First NZ team training in Wellington

This afternoon the team had their first Wellington training session at Wellington Girls College, about a 10 minute walk from our hotel. the light wasn't great for photography in the gym and I had to crank the ISO up high to 1600 and I kind of like the results. Grainy, blurry from a slow shutter speed. I managed to get right in close for some of the action which gives the images a more intense feel.

Training lasted about an hour and a half before we headed back to our hotel. Hotel Ibis is only a couple of blocks away from the TSB Arena where the tournament is being held which is great.

The team are in good spirits. The scales we brought down are getting well used.

I can't upload many images to the Internet until my data sticks arrive tomorrow so here are 44 of my favorite images from today...

Click here for slide show...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Teams are beginning to arrive in Wellington

The New Zealand and Poland teams arrived in Wellington today. A few of us kiwis arrived really early this morning and spent some of the day walking around the central business district. It is easy walking distance to many of the highlights. I went to the Wellington Gallery then Te Papa Museum of New Zealand. Both were good but visitors MUST go and see Te Papa. It is one of New Zealand's most iconic attractions. I particularly enjoyed seeing the massive Brian Brake photography exhibition. Brian was a member of Magnum and is probably New Zealand's most famous photographer.

Walked along the waterfront people watching and came across street dancers, grafitti artists and even some very orderly protesters.

When I went to process my photos I discovered that I'd left my two laptop data sticks at home in Auckland. So I've spent an hour messing about with my iPad transferring images, downloading a picasaweb iPhone application that uploads images and generally having a frustrating time. Using the hotel Internet at $5 for 15 minutes would be like giving in. A call for help on facebook has resulted in Debbie Trotter kindling picking them up on her way through to the airport on Monday - thanks Debbie!

Photos from exploring Wellington (23)...