Thursday 31 December 2009

2009 World Champs NZ Medal Count

Complete list for the 2009 World Champs NZ Team

Official top country rankings - Overall

  • Argentina 17G 6S 13B
  • New Zealand 13G 10S 9B
  • Poland 8G 13S 10B
  • Germany 5G 3S 13B
  • Finland 3G 2S 3B
    New Zealand Country Ranking
  • Overall - 2nd
  • Seniors - 2nd
  • Juniors - 2nd

Best Overall (2)

  • Carl Van Roon - Best Overall Senior Male
  • Best Overall Junior Female Team

Unofficial Best Overall Tied (2)

  • From our analysis of the official website placings
  • Carolina Dillen, NZ and Maria Virginia Dionisi, Belgium - best overall senior females
  • Jeremy Hanna, NZ and Julio Carlos, USA - best overall junior males

Gold (13) / Senior (6) Junior (7)

  • Carl Van Roon - Senior Male Special Technique
  • Carolina Dillen - Senior Female 1st Dan Patterns
  • Chris Broughton - Senior Male 1st Dan Patterns
  • Luke Thompson - Senior Male Power
  • Senior Male Team Special Technique
  • Senior Female Team Special Technique
  • Aramai Tahau - Junior Male Special Technique
  • Jeremy Hanna - Junior Male 3rd Dan Patterns
  • Stuart Madden - Junior Male Power
  • Junior Male Team Power
  • Junior Female Team Patterns
  • Junior Female Team Power
  • Junior Female Team Special Technique

Silver (10) / Senior (6) Junior (4)

  • Carl Van Roon - Senior Male Heavyweight Sparring
  • Mark Trotter - Senior Male 4th Dan Patterns
  • Mark Trotter & Luke Thompson - Senior Pre-arranged Sparring
  • Matt Davey - Senior Male 2nd Dan Patterns
  • Senior Male Team Power
  • Senior Female Team Power
  • Jeremy Hanna - Junior Male Heavyweight Sparring
  • Kara Timmer - Junior Female Micro Weight
  • Kristy Leong - Junior Female Power
  • Shane Black - Junior Male Special Technique

Bronze (9) / Senior (4) Junior (5)

  • Amanda Cleland - Senior Female Power
  • Carolina Dillen - Senior Female Light Weight Sparring
  • Mark Trotter - Senior Male Microweight Sparring
  • Richard Lavin - Senior Male 3rd Dan Patterns
  • Anna Yates - Female Junior Power
  • Courtney Meleisea - Junior Female Heavy Weight Sparring
  • Melissa Timperley - Junior Female Special Technique
  • Phillipa Henry - Junior Female 1st Dan Patterns
  • Junior Male Team Special Technique

World Champs Pick of the Pix #3 Daiana Turnes

Daiana Turnes of Argentina has just beaten Kristine Fjeseth of Norway in the final for Junior Female Hyperweight sparring and is very excited and emotional.

Daiana is a good friend of several people in the NZ team so we were also excited to see her win gold.

Here are a few more images...

Left to right: Phillipa Henry, Courtney Meleisea, Daiana, Amy Reeder (who sparred Daiana in round 1).

And a favourite of mine... Daiana with Mark

Wednesday 23 December 2009

2006-2009 Nationals, World Cup and World Champs Photobook

[11/01/2010 Updated images of the photo book pages after corrections and tweaks]

There's nothing like having Christmas for a deadline. I've now completed the 2006-2009 NZ Taekwon-Do Photobook as well as the one focusing solely on the 2009 World Champs and will just be adding a few finishing touches over the next week before ordering the first test samples and beginning work on producing custom versions for all those that have ordered them with extra photos of family members. I've uploaded a screen shot of each double page spread for you to take a look at them.

Because we did so well at the Argentina World Champs the books are a lot larger than expected. I budgeted on 60 pages of world champs coverage but have ended up with 2 pages per medal won (32 medals x 2 = 64 pages) plus pages covering the build up training in Mar Del Plata, opening ceremonies, medal ceremonies etc adds a heap more pages. Versions of the book covering 2006-2009 with extra personalised pages are approaching 300 pages in size! All good stuff though.

View all

Email me to enquire or order on

Monday 21 December 2009

2009 World Champs Photobook

11/01/2010 Updated with final images of the pages plus a second cut down "Tournament Edition"

The much awaited NZ Team World Champs 2009 Photobook has been completed at last. It has been more of a mission that I expected, mainly because we did so well! I have two pages coverage for every medal won... that totals 64 pages, let alone adding in a few images of training, other drama and action.

So... the book is much bigger than I planned... 280 pages instead of 160... but I think you may agree it's hard to decide what to cull out and I think it's better to keep the lot. Normally I need one double page spread to cover off the medal ceremony images; this year it is 8 pages!

I've also produced a cut down "Tournament Edition" which only includes the time in Mar Del Plata. A number of families have enquired about getting extra copies to give to family members, parents, grand parents etc and this edition is well suited to this.

Standard edition, covering from pre-trials training through the World Champs tournament in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 290 pages, 10"x8" hard cover NZ$199 plus local courier...
Tournament edition, covering the time at the World Champs in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 150 pages, 10" x 8" hard cover, premium paper, NZ$150 plus local courier...
Email me to enquire or order on

Saturday 19 December 2009

World Champs Pick of the Pix #2 Slow Motion Impact

Canon EOS 7D, 85.0mm, 1/50s, f/5.6, ISO: 640

Another favourite image from the World Champs. My son Jeremy Hanna is sparring in Junior Male Team Sparring. I rush over from photographing another kiwi competing... I think at this stage we have 2-3 kiwis competing on different rings at the same stage... so I'm in a hurry and want to watch and photograph Jeremy's event. However, I've accidentally rotated the shutter speed dial on my camera dropping it from 1/160 second (enough to almost freeze sparring action) to 1/50th second which is way too slow for sparring. I don't discover the problem for about 15 minutes and shoot this fight and another with these settings.

However, it's a reasonably happy mistake as both Jeremy and I really like this image... it captures the intensity of the action and looks pretty cool.

The kiwi team is sparring USA in round 1. Jeremy wins, other results...
1 Aramai Tahau - Draw, 0-0
2 Ethan Parker - Loss, 0-1
3 Stuart Maden - Loss, 0-2
4 Jeremy Hanna - Win, 1-2
5 Michael Davis - Loss, 1-3
USA win the match

Friday 18 December 2009

World Champs Pick of the Pix #1

Canon 7D, 85.0mm, 1/80s, f/1.8, ISO: 320

One of my favourite images from the world champs.

From left to right: Haymar Tovar, Juan Goncalves and Tamaira Marquez (Haymar's Mum) from Venezuela.

PS: Thanks Juan for letting me know your names!

Sunday 6 December 2009

World Champs Day 1 - All of the Photos (Patterns)

Day 1 was such a big day and in patterns I tend to take an image per move so we ended up with and enormous 2,500 images for the day. That night I quickly chose about 20% of them to upload for you. Now I've weeded out a few rejects and uploaded all of them so you can see your patterns in detail or check out the medal winning ones. The maximum upload with Picasa Web Albums is 500 per album, hense breaking them down into 7 lots. If you click on the "View all" link below the slide show, then it will display all of the thumbnails and you can then select the image to start on if you just want to check out a particular person's pattern.

Image set 1 (330)...
Includes in order: general start of the day, Jamie Searle, Kristie Leong, Melissa Timberley, Courtney Meleisea, Shane Black, Richie Lavin, Michael Davis, Kristy, Courtney

Image set 2 (339)...
Includes in order: Courtney Meleisea, Jeremy Hanna, Richie Lavin, Jeremy (final)

Image set 3 (437)...
Included in order: Richie Lavin, Shane Black, Toni Moki, Shane, Richie, Richie, Alex Couling, Mark Trotter, Nikki Galpin (overhead kick), Toni

Image set 4 (419)...
Includes in order: Mark Trotter (v Germany), Carolina Dillen, Randoms, Mark, Carolina, Alex, Carolina, Ethan Parker, Mark, Carolina

Image set 5 (379)...
Includes in order: Mark Trotter (final vs Mr Suska), Carolina, Aramai Tahau, Carolina (final), Sandi Galpin, Paige Moki, Randoms, Chris Broughton, Phillipa Henry

Image set 6 (375)...
Includes in order: Chris Broughton, Kara Timer, Randoms, Chris, Phillipa, Kara, Matthew, Davey, Phillipa, Chris, Phillipa

Image set 7 (291)...
Includes in order: Senior Female Team Pattern, Chris Broughton (final), Junior Male Team Pattern, Junior Female Team Pattern, Matt, Aramai Tahau (specialty), Shane Black (specialty), Various, Michael and Simon Davis (junior pre-arranged), Junior girls, Aramai (specialty, winning gold)

Saturday 5 December 2009

NZ Team's Success at World Champs in the news [updated 26/12/09]

Updated 26/12/09 with TV3 Sports News Video

25/12/09 TV3 Sports News Video

Tauranga newspaper article

North Shore Times - Thursday 10th December 2009

Updated 5/12/09 with TVNZ Video for overseas viewers plus pictures of the article in today's NZ Herald.

Nick Lorantos organised press releases to go to the media and Sparc etc to help boost the profile of ITFNZ's sport and success at the World Champs in the news. It was picked up by TVNZ, The Herald and MSN and TVNZ and the NZ Herald were also at the airport to catch team members returning on Friday 4th December.

Here are the links and the copy from the articles:

NZ Herald 5/12/09: Taekwon-Do Team Bring Pile of Medals

It appears the article hasn't made it to their website yet but I've taken photos of it (after Jan had cut it out and put it on the fridge!)

-------------------------------- end -------------------------------

TV One Sports News: Friday 4th December 6-7pm news slot
Waiting for TVNZ to publish it on their website but we got 10-15 seconds of the team arriving in Auckland (well, tour group B members of the team) this morning. Brief interview with Courtney Meleisea.

The TVNZ coverage on youtube:

-------------------------------- end -------------------------------

TVNZ: More Gold for NZ at Taekwon-Do Champs

New Zealand has added three golds to its medal haul making it No 2 on the medal table of 60 countries at the Taekwon-Do Federation World Championships in Argentina.

With one day of competition to go, Argentina leads the medal hunt with New Zealand second, followed by Germany.

Taekwon-Do, which has its origins in Korea, is the most popular form of martial arts in the world with an estimated 180 million practitioners of the sport.

The New Zealand team now has eight Golds, six Silver and eight Bronze medals.

Team star Carl van Roon, of Auckland, won his Gold medal in the Senior Male Speciality division, making him fourth time consecutive World Champion in the division, while Luke Thompson, also of Auckland, clinched a Gold, making him second-time consecutive World Champion in the Senior Male Individual Power division.

The last Gold medal was won by Stuart Maden, of Wellington, in the Junior Male Power competition.

Silver medals come from the SPARC-sponsored Auckland -based athletes Mark Trotter and Luke Thompson in the Senior Male Pre-arranged Sparring competition and Jeremy Hannah, of Auckland, in the Junior Male Heavyweight Sparring Division.

The third Silver was taken out by Kristy Leong in the Junior Female Power division while the last of the Silver Medals was won by SPARC-sponsored Carl van Roon in the Senior Male Heavyweight Sparring competition.

Bronze medals were won by Aucklanders Carolina Dillen in the Senior Female Lightweight Sparring Division and Courtney Meleisea in the Junior Female Heavyweight Sparring Division.

Mark Trotter won a Bronze medal in the Senior Male Micro Weight Sparring division and Amanda Clealand secured a Bronze in her Senior Female Power division. Anna Yates, of Palmerston North, won her bronze medal in the Junior Female Power division.

The four-day event has drawn over 800 competitors with large teams from the United States, England, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Germany and Poland.
-------------------------------- end -------------------------------

Yahoo Xtra Sport: NZ Taekwondo team 2nd at World Champs
from Newstalk ZB

he New Zealand team has finished the Taekwondo World Championships runner up to hosts Argentina with 13 Gold medals, eight Silver and nine Bronze medals.

The result marks an improvement from third in 2007.

Chairman of the ITF Taekwondo World Championships 2011, Nick Lourantos says it is the best performance ever by a New Zealand team.

Lourantos says now everyone is buzzing about how well we will do on home turf in 2011 when New Zealand hosts the World Championships in Wellington.

-------------------------------- end -------------------------------

NZ Herald: Taekwondo: More NZ taekwondo golds
New Zealand has picked up three more golds from the world taekwondo championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With one day of competition to go, Argentina leads the medal hunt with New Zealand second and Germany third. More than 60 countries are contesting the four-day event with large teams from the United States, England, New Zealand Canada, Australia, Argentina, Germany and Poland.

The New Zealand team now has eight golds, six silver and eight bronze medals.

Aucklander Carl van Roon won gold in the senior men's speciality division, while Luke Thompson, also of Auckland, took gold in the senior men's individual power division.

The third gold went to Wellingtonian Stuart Maden in the junior men's power competition.

Silver medals went to Mark Trotter and Thompson in the senior men's prearranged sparring competition and Jeremy Hannah (Auckland) in the junior men's heavyweight sparring division.

Kristy Leong (junior women's power division) and van Roon (senior men's heavyweight sparring) also took silver.

Bronzes went to Aucklanders Carolina Dillen (senior women's lightweight sparring) and Courtney Meleisea (junior women's heavyweight sparring).

Trotter won bronze in the senior men's micro weight sparring, as did Amanda Clealand (senior women's power division) and Palmerston North's Anna Yates (junior women's power division).

-------------------------------- end -------------------------------

Friday 4 December 2009

Group 2 Arrival in Auckland [updated]

On the front left is Mrs Van Roon wearing Carl's medals and holding his best overall cup. Carl is still in South America.

We were greeted by family and friends plus TV ONE cameras and the press. Master Bhana and other TKD enthusiasts were also there to welcome our contingent of the team home.

We were delayed about an hour, arriving at 8.35am instead of scheduled 7.40am which meant a few of those with connecting flights were scrambling to get through to the domestic terminal in time for the flights to Tauranga, Wellington, Palmerston North and the like. Only one hour late wasn't too bad though compared with the guys flying home on Wednesday who had a 5 hour delay.

You can see from the photos that there are were a lot of the team returning separately.

Mark and Carolina are off to Peru to visit family and are back in late January. Carl, Richy and Amanda are all touring South America for the next month or so. There's another group of kiwis staying on and returning on next Wednesday's flight (I think there are direct flights from BA to Auckland on Wednesdays and Fridays). Mean time, many of them are staying in a Youth Hostel like place a few blocks from our luxury Marriott Plaza Hotel. We wish you all to have a lot of fun, safe travels and we look forward to seeing you back in NZ.

Here's a few more photos of our arrival (10)...

Thursday 3 December 2009

NZ Team - Day 4 Commentary [final with full details]

Junior Male Team discussing their winning performance in power. Stu has his foot raised to help prevent bruising after hurting it on the turning kick (which he got).

Day 4 was messy. We were tired out, specialty and power teams went through in a stop / start manner with very long waits to see if there would be playoffs and our ranking as teams also performed their team sparring competitions and we had some individual finals to complete as well.

Special thanks to the team members that helped out; Helen Caley for keeping some written notes, Analiese K, Kara and others who spotted from the stand telling me on the RTs when our team members stepped up or onto their rings / events and for directing me left, right, turn around, "looks like the boys are going on for specialty... hold it, false alarm" etc. It's a bit like a farmer directing a sheep dog!

At one stage we had our teams performing at the same time, for example Junior Female Team Sparring on #5, Junior Male Team Sparring on #1 and Senior Male Team Sparring on #4.Choosing which to cover was really hard and I tried to achieve some coverage of each. So some of the boys sparring photos are mixed up with the girls as they are sorted on the image date/time and as one match stopped I swung around 180 degrees and kept shooting the other. Makes it interesting.

We've now been through over 2,000 images from Sunday building up the list of results during the day from tghe images, our medal list, and our rough hand-written notes.

Junior Female Team Sparring
NZ vs Poland
Paige Moki - Loss, 0-1
Courtney Meleisea - Draw, 0-1
Amy Reeder - Win, 1-1
Kristy Leong - Loss, 1-2
Melissa Timperley - Win, 2-2
Match point...
Courtney - Draw, Sudden Death, Loss
Poland win the match

Senior Mens Team Sparring
NZ vs Uruguay
Richard Lavin - Win, 1-0
Kane Baigent - Win, 2-0
Clint King - Win, 3-0
NZ wing the match

NZ vs Poland
Richard Lavin - Win, 1-0
Clint King - Loss, 1-1
Chris Broughton - Loss, 1-2
Kane Baigent - Loss, 1-3
Poland win the match

Junior Male Team Sparring
Aramai Tahau - Draw, 0-0
Ethan Parker - Loss, 0-1
Stuart Maden - Loss, 0-2
Jeremy Hanna - Win, 1-2
Michael Davis - Loss, 1-3
USA win the match

[I previously said Junior boys "NZ vs Romania - Match Win to Romania" - this was an error. They only sparred USA]

Junior Male Special Technique
Shane Black - Flying High Kick - Touched but no points. (He had his arm and shoulder bound to his body.)
Aramai Tahau - Flying Turning Kick - got it, 2 points
Michael Davis - Flying Reverse Turning Kick - missed, 0 points
Jeremy Hanna - Flying Mid-air Kick - had the height but not the accuracy, 0 points
Stuart Madden - Overhead Kick - cleared the tapes, broke the board but tripped over the board holders and fell, 0 points

As a result we were still tied for first place with Germany and USA.

Later in the playoff the tiebraker was a mid-air kick set at 2.3 metres which is Senior Male height. Germany hit. USA hit but zero points. NZ put up Shane who had the height but kicked to the side.
Gold to Germany

Tiebraker for silver. USA hit the turning kick for 2 points. Aramai hit it but but it wasn't strong enought to get him points.
Silver to USA.
BRONZE medal to NZ.

Senior Female Team Sparring
NZ vs Romania - Match Win by Default (Romania only had three people and the rules require a minimum of 5)
NZ Versus Argentina
Alisa Parker - Loss
Carolina Dillen - Win
Sandi Galpin - Loss
Amanda Cleland - Loss
Win to Argentina.

Junior Male Team Power
We held off completing team power so that we knew what we had to beat. With our individuals, both Shane and Stu had only managed to crack the back board, so this became our sacrificial kick and we shuffled our kicks to our strongest positions to make 4 breaks. However, Ireland broke all 5 and so the game plan changed. Everyone was under huge pressure as we needed a clean run to get gold. Every time someone made a break, the pressure on the next person increased.

Ethan Parker - Punch, break
Hamish Duncan - Knifehand, smashed it (he had missed this in individual)
Shane Black - Sidekick, break (he had his arm and shoulder bound to his body from previous day's injury)
Pressure rising...
Stu Midden - Turning kick, break
Pressure at it's height... Jem you have to get this...
Jeremy Hanna - Reverse turning kick, break

Playoff between NZ and Ireland for Gold.
4 x board sidekick.
Ireland break but disqualified on a technicality (we think for taking three steps).
Stuard Madden gets the break and three blue flags go up.

Junior Female Team Special Technique
Kara Timmer - High Kick, 2 points
Amy Reeder - Turning Kick, got it but only 1 point awarded
Melissa Timperley - Overhead Kick, got it, 2 points

Junior Female Team Power
Annaliese Burr - Knifehand, 2 points
Anna Yates - Sidekick, 4 points
Kristy Leong - Turning kick, 4 points
10 out of 10

Senior Male Team Power
Carl Van Roon - Punch, no break
Kane Baigent - Knifehand, break
Luke Thompson - Sidekick, break
Kris Herbison - Turning kick, break
Clint King - Reverse turning kick, no-break

We were tied for gold with Argentina but they protested one of their breaks, won the protest and we drooped to a playoff for three teams for silver.
Playoff 3 teams for silver.

Senior Male Team Special Technique
Richard Lavin - High kick, missed, 0 points
Ross Black - Turning kick, missed, 0 points
Carl Van Roon - Reverse turning kick, go it, 1 point (Later protested because the machine worked in one direction but no thte other, 2 points awarded.)
Clint King - Midair kick, missed, 0 points
Before Kane went, we only had one point and the leaders had two so we needed the overhead kick. Pressure.
Kane Baigent - Overhead kick, success, 2 points.

Special Awards
Carl Van Roon - Best Overall Senior Male
- Senior Male Special Technique GOLD
- Senior Male Heavyweight Sparring SILVER

Best Junior Female Team
- Patterns GOLD
- Power GOLD
- Special Technique GOLD

Best Junior Male and Best Senior Female
Under ITF rules, no award given if the top placing is tied, there neads to be a clear winner.

We've researched the results on the official website and our analysis shows that:

Senior Female Best Overall Tied
Carolina Dillen, NZ and Maria Virginia Dionisi, Belgium - drew top place
Carolina Dillen - 1st Dan Patterns GOLD, Lightweight Sparring SILVER
Maria Virginia Dionisi - 4th Dan Patterns GOLD, Microweight sparring BRONZE

Junior Male Best Overall Tied
Jeremy Hanna, NZ and Julio Carlos, USA - drew top place
Jeremy Hanna - 3rd Dan Patterns GOLD, Heavyweight Sparring SILVER
Julio Carols - 3rd Dan Patterns SILVER (vs Jeremy in Final), Lightweight Sparring GOLD

Strolling Around Buenos Aires

Lara Granada LanĂºs had kindly offered to give us a peronalised tour of some of the sites around Buenos Aires at 9am on Wednesday morning. That was real commitment after she went out clubbing with some of the NZ Team members after our Tango Show we went to the night before and they only got to bed in the early hours of the morning. She kindly took Master McPhail, Master Davidson and myself to the parliament grounds then the port before we found a nice cafe and settled in for a long coffee together.

Thanks Lara, you were a very dedicated host!

Here's a few pics taken by Lara and myself (49)...

The Team in Buenos Aires

Here are a few of my own personal pics from Monday and Tuesday...

Monday (76)...
Tuesady (37)...

NZ Team - Day 4 Photos - Detailed Set 5 (Team Power, Sparring Finals, Special, Dancers, Medals)

In these photos, the final lot for Day 4 you will find:
NZ Senior Male Team Power
Some Senior Male Team Sparring - Poland vs Norway, Finals of Argentina and Poland
NZ Female Team Power
NZ Team Special Technique
Dancing Girls
Last Medal Awards including Special Best Overall Awards

Images (319)..
Today is our last day in Argentina. We depart about 2am tomorrow morning and arrive in Auckland Airport at 7.40am Friday.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

NZ Team - Day 4 Photos - Detailed Set 4 (Senior Female Team Sparring)

Senior Female Team Sparring plus coverage of the final between Poland and Argentina.

Images (188)...

Some Interesting Web Stats for the World Champs Posts in November and December - to date - 50
Number of typos and spelling mistakes - no idea
Twitter updates - so far 204
ITFNZ Message Book posts - 575
Facebook posts by team members and comments from supporters back home - countless web stats:
Top day (Monday in Argentina) Visits - 1185, Unique Visitors - 615

Over the last month (1 Nov to 1 Dec):
8,867 Visits
3,061 Absolute Unique Visitors
17,062 Pageviews
1.92 Average Pageviews
00:03:49 Time on Site
58.45% Bounce Rate (Only visited the home page)
28.15% New Visits

Photos taken (number of photos is not a reflection of a quality job - the number of ace ones is the real measure!)
Day 1 - 2,675
Day 2 - @1,700 (can't tell without firing up my backup drive as I had to archive off unused ones for disk space)
Day 3 - 1,453
Day 4 - 2,904

Tournament photos published - up to Day 4 part 3 - more to come - 2,221.
Volume of photos 40 Gigabytes after lots of archiving to my portable hard drives and then deleting off my laptop.
Times asked to leave the floor - 3. Permissions given my Master Merano - 1 (that's all I needed). Times I left the floor on instruction - 1.
Kilometers walked in the venue - heaps.
Bathroom stops - not enough.
Lunches provided by parents - 3. Thanks a lot!!
Water bottle refills pinched from the 2011 promotions team - 2-3 per day.
Battery recharges on the day on the 2011 stand - 2.
Number of times unique Canon 7D charger lost - 1. Nbr times returned personally by the 2011 team - 1. Amazing effort to hand deliver it to our hotel after the equipment hire people dismantled and relocated their stand to the Congress, including my Canon 7D battery charger (irreplaceable in a hurry).
Hours processing images and posting updates - no idea.
Earliest night to bed, 12.30am (latest night, typically 1.45am, up at 5.30-6.00am)
Longest sleep-in 8.00am on Friday

Enough skiting. It's mid day and I'm off for a walking tour with the rest of the team.

NZ Team - Day 4 Photos - Detailed Set 3

Kane Baigent immediately after a successful specialty overhead kick

It is 11.20am - been up processing images and updating commentaries since 6.30am - had breakfast but now in desperate need of a real coffee.

Here's the next lot covering some medal awards, Senior Female and Male and Junior Male Special Technique.

Images (113)...
Hopefully more soon...

NZ Team - Day 4 Photos - Detailed Set 1 & 2

Jeremy Hanna wins against USA in Junior Male Team Sparring

I've selected a lot more images than normal, and are about 1/3rd away through day 4. With more images selected the quality standard is lower but you get to see more of the action :-)

Image set 1: NZ Team Sparring and Junior Female Power (252)...
Image set 2: General images and NZ Senior Male Team Sparring (112)...
More to come...