Wednesday 10 May 2017

Where have all those old photos gone?

In 2016 Google officially discontinued providing the PicasaWeb on-line album service used by thousands of photographers and enthusiasts around the world.

I used Picasa for Windows to process and manage over 50,000 ITKD photos from many years of coverage and published these to TKDAction and using Google's PicasaWeb on-line albums.

Unfortunately, they no longer support my links within these websites to the on-line albums.

However, there is some good news... the albums are still there, in Google Photo Archive, and you can access them a little less conveniently with the following links:

2013 ITF World Champs Spain
2011 ITF World Champs NZ
2009 ITF World Champs Argentina
2008 ITF World Cup Italy
2007 ITF World Champs Canada
2007 ITF World Champs Training Camps
2006 Junior ITF World Champs Honduras

There are many other albums of NZ tournaments in addition to the above. If you have a specific tournament, hit me up.

4/8/17 Request for 2011 NZ Nationals:
2011 08 13 Nationals am1
2011 08 13 Nationals XX am Selected POTP
2011 08 13 Nationals pm
2011 08 14 Nationals am
2011 08 14 Nationals pm
2011 08 14 Nationals Selected POTP

Doug Hanna