Order Images

NB: NZ Competitors at the 2013 World Champs can order hi-resolution copies of say up to ~20 images each at no-charge. Just follow the instructions below...

I have invested over $20,000 in photographic equipment which is used 95% of the time for my Taekwon-Do photography coverage and I spend at least $500 on repairs and $3,000 pa keeping my kit reasonably up-to-date. It is a very expensive hobby and because it is indoors where the light is low and action fast I need to use the fastest (= most expensive) lenses and camera bodies that I can afford.

Apart from an ITFNZ travel subsidy of $2,000 for the world champs every second year, a free lunch at tournaments, and a small margin on photo books sold, I receive no income or expense recovery for the work that I do.

So, If there is an amazing image of yourself or a family member that you would like a high resolution digital copy of, I'd certainly appreciate any offers of payment, eg $10 per image to help cover some of my costs. Minimum order $50.

To order:
Please provide the image number for each image that you want. To get the reference number for an image please do as follows:

- Click on a thumbnail in the image gallery to see the large version of the image

- On the right hand panel, click on the little (i) information symbol top right of the screen. This will open up a list of photo data.

- Quote the file name in the “File name” field, eg IMG_8891.JPG (or similar)

With this file name I can search and retrieve the image from my database of over 40,000 images very quickly. Without it the image could take significant time to locate.

If the image is embedded as a single image in a post in my blog then click on the blog post title, copy and paste the address bar (which si a link to the blog post) and describe the image if there is more than one featured.

Make payment by direct credit to 03 0104 0106635 00 with your name in the reference field.

Email your order to doug@hanna.net.nz