Thursday 3 December 2009

NZ Team - Day 4 Commentary [final with full details]

Junior Male Team discussing their winning performance in power. Stu has his foot raised to help prevent bruising after hurting it on the turning kick (which he got).

Day 4 was messy. We were tired out, specialty and power teams went through in a stop / start manner with very long waits to see if there would be playoffs and our ranking as teams also performed their team sparring competitions and we had some individual finals to complete as well.

Special thanks to the team members that helped out; Helen Caley for keeping some written notes, Analiese K, Kara and others who spotted from the stand telling me on the RTs when our team members stepped up or onto their rings / events and for directing me left, right, turn around, "looks like the boys are going on for specialty... hold it, false alarm" etc. It's a bit like a farmer directing a sheep dog!

At one stage we had our teams performing at the same time, for example Junior Female Team Sparring on #5, Junior Male Team Sparring on #1 and Senior Male Team Sparring on #4.Choosing which to cover was really hard and I tried to achieve some coverage of each. So some of the boys sparring photos are mixed up with the girls as they are sorted on the image date/time and as one match stopped I swung around 180 degrees and kept shooting the other. Makes it interesting.

We've now been through over 2,000 images from Sunday building up the list of results during the day from tghe images, our medal list, and our rough hand-written notes.

Junior Female Team Sparring
NZ vs Poland
Paige Moki - Loss, 0-1
Courtney Meleisea - Draw, 0-1
Amy Reeder - Win, 1-1
Kristy Leong - Loss, 1-2
Melissa Timperley - Win, 2-2
Match point...
Courtney - Draw, Sudden Death, Loss
Poland win the match

Senior Mens Team Sparring
NZ vs Uruguay
Richard Lavin - Win, 1-0
Kane Baigent - Win, 2-0
Clint King - Win, 3-0
NZ wing the match

NZ vs Poland
Richard Lavin - Win, 1-0
Clint King - Loss, 1-1
Chris Broughton - Loss, 1-2
Kane Baigent - Loss, 1-3
Poland win the match

Junior Male Team Sparring
Aramai Tahau - Draw, 0-0
Ethan Parker - Loss, 0-1
Stuart Maden - Loss, 0-2
Jeremy Hanna - Win, 1-2
Michael Davis - Loss, 1-3
USA win the match

[I previously said Junior boys "NZ vs Romania - Match Win to Romania" - this was an error. They only sparred USA]

Junior Male Special Technique
Shane Black - Flying High Kick - Touched but no points. (He had his arm and shoulder bound to his body.)
Aramai Tahau - Flying Turning Kick - got it, 2 points
Michael Davis - Flying Reverse Turning Kick - missed, 0 points
Jeremy Hanna - Flying Mid-air Kick - had the height but not the accuracy, 0 points
Stuart Madden - Overhead Kick - cleared the tapes, broke the board but tripped over the board holders and fell, 0 points

As a result we were still tied for first place with Germany and USA.

Later in the playoff the tiebraker was a mid-air kick set at 2.3 metres which is Senior Male height. Germany hit. USA hit but zero points. NZ put up Shane who had the height but kicked to the side.
Gold to Germany

Tiebraker for silver. USA hit the turning kick for 2 points. Aramai hit it but but it wasn't strong enought to get him points.
Silver to USA.
BRONZE medal to NZ.

Senior Female Team Sparring
NZ vs Romania - Match Win by Default (Romania only had three people and the rules require a minimum of 5)
NZ Versus Argentina
Alisa Parker - Loss
Carolina Dillen - Win
Sandi Galpin - Loss
Amanda Cleland - Loss
Win to Argentina.

Junior Male Team Power
We held off completing team power so that we knew what we had to beat. With our individuals, both Shane and Stu had only managed to crack the back board, so this became our sacrificial kick and we shuffled our kicks to our strongest positions to make 4 breaks. However, Ireland broke all 5 and so the game plan changed. Everyone was under huge pressure as we needed a clean run to get gold. Every time someone made a break, the pressure on the next person increased.

Ethan Parker - Punch, break
Hamish Duncan - Knifehand, smashed it (he had missed this in individual)
Shane Black - Sidekick, break (he had his arm and shoulder bound to his body from previous day's injury)
Pressure rising...
Stu Midden - Turning kick, break
Pressure at it's height... Jem you have to get this...
Jeremy Hanna - Reverse turning kick, break

Playoff between NZ and Ireland for Gold.
4 x board sidekick.
Ireland break but disqualified on a technicality (we think for taking three steps).
Stuard Madden gets the break and three blue flags go up.

Junior Female Team Special Technique
Kara Timmer - High Kick, 2 points
Amy Reeder - Turning Kick, got it but only 1 point awarded
Melissa Timperley - Overhead Kick, got it, 2 points

Junior Female Team Power
Annaliese Burr - Knifehand, 2 points
Anna Yates - Sidekick, 4 points
Kristy Leong - Turning kick, 4 points
10 out of 10

Senior Male Team Power
Carl Van Roon - Punch, no break
Kane Baigent - Knifehand, break
Luke Thompson - Sidekick, break
Kris Herbison - Turning kick, break
Clint King - Reverse turning kick, no-break

We were tied for gold with Argentina but they protested one of their breaks, won the protest and we drooped to a playoff for three teams for silver.
Playoff 3 teams for silver.

Senior Male Team Special Technique
Richard Lavin - High kick, missed, 0 points
Ross Black - Turning kick, missed, 0 points
Carl Van Roon - Reverse turning kick, go it, 1 point (Later protested because the machine worked in one direction but no thte other, 2 points awarded.)
Clint King - Midair kick, missed, 0 points
Before Kane went, we only had one point and the leaders had two so we needed the overhead kick. Pressure.
Kane Baigent - Overhead kick, success, 2 points.

Special Awards
Carl Van Roon - Best Overall Senior Male
- Senior Male Special Technique GOLD
- Senior Male Heavyweight Sparring SILVER

Best Junior Female Team
- Patterns GOLD
- Power GOLD
- Special Technique GOLD

Best Junior Male and Best Senior Female
Under ITF rules, no award given if the top placing is tied, there neads to be a clear winner.

We've researched the results on the official website and our analysis shows that:

Senior Female Best Overall Tied
Carolina Dillen, NZ and Maria Virginia Dionisi, Belgium - drew top place
Carolina Dillen - 1st Dan Patterns GOLD, Lightweight Sparring SILVER
Maria Virginia Dionisi - 4th Dan Patterns GOLD, Microweight sparring BRONZE

Junior Male Best Overall Tied
Jeremy Hanna, NZ and Julio Carlos, USA - drew top place
Jeremy Hanna - 3rd Dan Patterns GOLD, Heavyweight Sparring SILVER
Julio Carols - 3rd Dan Patterns SILVER (vs Jeremy in Final), Lightweight Sparring GOLD