Wednesday 2 December 2009

Some Interesting Web Stats for the World Champs Posts in November and December - to date - 50
Number of typos and spelling mistakes - no idea
Twitter updates - so far 204
ITFNZ Message Book posts - 575
Facebook posts by team members and comments from supporters back home - countless web stats:
Top day (Monday in Argentina) Visits - 1185, Unique Visitors - 615

Over the last month (1 Nov to 1 Dec):
8,867 Visits
3,061 Absolute Unique Visitors
17,062 Pageviews
1.92 Average Pageviews
00:03:49 Time on Site
58.45% Bounce Rate (Only visited the home page)
28.15% New Visits

Photos taken (number of photos is not a reflection of a quality job - the number of ace ones is the real measure!)
Day 1 - 2,675
Day 2 - @1,700 (can't tell without firing up my backup drive as I had to archive off unused ones for disk space)
Day 3 - 1,453
Day 4 - 2,904

Tournament photos published - up to Day 4 part 3 - more to come - 2,221.
Volume of photos 40 Gigabytes after lots of archiving to my portable hard drives and then deleting off my laptop.
Times asked to leave the floor - 3. Permissions given my Master Merano - 1 (that's all I needed). Times I left the floor on instruction - 1.
Kilometers walked in the venue - heaps.
Bathroom stops - not enough.
Lunches provided by parents - 3. Thanks a lot!!
Water bottle refills pinched from the 2011 promotions team - 2-3 per day.
Battery recharges on the day on the 2011 stand - 2.
Number of times unique Canon 7D charger lost - 1. Nbr times returned personally by the 2011 team - 1. Amazing effort to hand deliver it to our hotel after the equipment hire people dismantled and relocated their stand to the Congress, including my Canon 7D battery charger (irreplaceable in a hurry).
Hours processing images and posting updates - no idea.
Earliest night to bed, 12.30am (latest night, typically 1.45am, up at 5.30-6.00am)
Longest sleep-in 8.00am on Friday

Enough skiting. It's mid day and I'm off for a walking tour with the rest of the team.