Saturday 19 December 2009

World Champs Pick of the Pix #2 Slow Motion Impact

Canon EOS 7D, 85.0mm, 1/50s, f/5.6, ISO: 640

Another favourite image from the World Champs. My son Jeremy Hanna is sparring in Junior Male Team Sparring. I rush over from photographing another kiwi competing... I think at this stage we have 2-3 kiwis competing on different rings at the same stage... so I'm in a hurry and want to watch and photograph Jeremy's event. However, I've accidentally rotated the shutter speed dial on my camera dropping it from 1/160 second (enough to almost freeze sparring action) to 1/50th second which is way too slow for sparring. I don't discover the problem for about 15 minutes and shoot this fight and another with these settings.

However, it's a reasonably happy mistake as both Jeremy and I really like this image... it captures the intensity of the action and looks pretty cool.

The kiwi team is sparring USA in round 1. Jeremy wins, other results...
1 Aramai Tahau - Draw, 0-0
2 Ethan Parker - Loss, 0-1
3 Stuart Maden - Loss, 0-2
4 Jeremy Hanna - Win, 1-2
5 Michael Davis - Loss, 1-3
USA win the match