Monday 14 March 2011

TKDAction stats

We've got the medal ceremony and closing images to process and publish. Everyone's been asking how many photos we took.... so here are some stats up to the closing ceremony:

Images taken: 27,694 - 133GB
Images published: 11,500 - 65GB (but they get compressed during publishing)
Posts on 32
Tweets by TKDAction team on @TKDAction: 595 website:
Approximately 24,000 page views
9760 visits
2,000 visits on largest day (Thursday 10th) - Senior individual events

The live video stream had 70,000 viewing hours on day1 - I haven't heard statistics on it since then.

Number of people in the TKDAction team: 7 at all times.
Number of people helping TKDAction: 9

More later today...