Monday 7 March 2011

Monday morning NZ team training

The NZ #ITFWC team trained in shed 6 adjacent to the main World Champs venue here in Wellington this morning.

When we arrived at shed 6 my heart dropped as it was really dark and I thought that this was going to be a write off. Then I remembered the times in Houston in 2006 and Canada in 2007 when a dark venue presented challenges that produced some great images. So I cheered myself up, set the ISO way up at 1600 (faster sensor speed, more grain, less sharpness) and went to it. After a while I had to set the ISO at 3200 (the highest I've shot at for ages) and for one image with my wide angle 10-22 lens I had to increase the ISO to 6400.

I converted many of the images to black and white to make the most of the industrial feel of the setting leaving only the ones featuring lots of colour from the back wall or the bright yellow mat in original colour.

Debbie Trotter brought down the two datacards I stupidly left at home and I'm not reunited with them so are now able to use my laptop on the internet - yay.

Images from training (84)...