Tuesday 29 September 2009

Nationals Specialty - Pick of the Pix

Canon 30D, 44.0mm, 1/250s, f/3.2, ISO: 800, flash. Similar camera settings for all of the specialty photos

Shane Black getting great hight during the male team specialty event which CD won.

Not my best work in terms of timing this shot of Carl Van Roon in the team specialty. He and Shane Black played off going higher and higher until Carl missed one leaving gold for Midlands.

[For the record - Carl and Shane started at 2.4, then 2.7 and finally maxed out at 2.8m, after 3 attempts!!! Duncan] - thanks Duncan, Doug

[Hey Doug, Although we all wish Shane was from CD hes actually from Midlands so they won male team specialty and not CD :( Estee] - Thanks, now corrected, Doug

Shane goes higher again. Compare this with the first image and notice how consistent his technique is. I think Shane will go a long way in the upcoming World Champs and in future years.

Kara Timmer showing good form. I'm always impressed how well she does in specialty considering her smaller size. She's another to watch for.

Chris Broughton

Richard Lavin