Sunday 4 March 2007

Taupo Camp - Saturday evening - a show of character and guts

After dinner of sausages, steak, baked spud, cole slaw, mixed veges and pasta followed by ice cream (sounding good?) Mr Burr arrived back from the hospital - still in his dobok - to a standing ovation.
Fortunately everything was checked out at the hospital and, apart from the concussion, Mr Burr is ok. He gave Shane a hug and spent a few minutes telling him how good the fight was and not to worry about the KO. It's just one of those things that can happen.
Meanwhile there were a couple of challenges being dealt to. Michael's hair was being straightened by a swag of the girls with straightening tongs and, after an hour or so, seemed to be having quite a bit of success.
Candice had travelled down to Taupo with the Hanna's and on the journey she and Jeremy talked about how much they could eat. This sowed the seeds of a challenge which was then to play out in front of us all. After a visit to the supermarket and a good hearty dinner each presented the other with a 2 litre tub of ice cream. The challenge... first to finish wins. The rules... if any ice cream comes up during the challenge it has to go back down or you are disqualified. After about 20 minutes into the challenge they were both very cold - this was not what they expected. Brain freeze had been a problem too. Wrapped in duvets they battled on although when they got down to about a cup full of ice cream left, they both slowed almost to a halt. Suddenly Candice let rip and a good plateful was returned to the 2 litre container. Meanwhile Jeremy was eating a spoon full at a time then hanging his head over a bucket but didn't throw up. Candice refused to return the ice cream to where it had come from and pulled out. After another 10 minutes or so Jeremy gave up. There was so little ice cream left - about a cup full - I couldn't believe that he just gave up. But he couldn't move and couldn't squeeze any more in. Roll on the fitness test tomorrow!!

Boys playing in the gym during the evening...