Saturday 3 March 2007

Taupo Camp - Saturday 3/3/2007

We woke early this morning to the sound of the gun shot announcing the start of the Taupo Iron Man. The town is packed out with thousands of supporters for the event.
The camp started Saturday morning with a 7am wakeup followed by breakfast and over to the gym for a fun warmup for the day. This was followed with sparring drills creating many sweaty red faces. Next was 2x2 minute sparring rounds with each junior team member facing a senior apponent from a handful of "ring ins" and the coaching d management team.
The juniors have definately lifted their sparring up a level since the last camp showing more confidence and agression in the ring.
Unfortunately Mr Burr, after several bouts, was ko'd while sparring with Shane. He took a kick to the side of the head then fell back onto the mat. He came around after a few minutes and appears to be ok although we called an ambulance and they've taken him into Rotorua hospital for a scan and observation.
It's just after lunch time now and everyone is heading back over to the gym to continue. This afternoon seem more sparring then specialty followed by power.
Check out the photos here...