Wednesday 23 October 2013

How to follow the NZ Team at the World Champs live and delayed

A few people have been asking how to best follow the NZ Team at the world champs. There are a few methods as we're using multiple platforms to broadcast back to our extended Taekwon-Do family back in NZ and around the world.

Live Updates are via Twitter - for instant live action and results
Live updates of results during the competition will be posted by TKDAction on twitter. Team members are taking turns in updating our feed and we're also using the hashtag #ITFWC which you can follow.

Here's how.......
If you don't currently use twitter but want to keep up with the play 24/7 then sign up to and clock FOLLOW on the TKDAction page (see a picture of my twitter feed above).

To see all tweets from anyone posting with the hashtag #ITFWC simply use the twitter search box and enter #ITFWC

You can download a twitter app for iPhone and Android from the relative App Stores which is even better than using the website.

The official NZ iTKD website
There is a special page devoted to this tournament. It includes all the NZ Team members and the events that they are in, live posts from TKDAction and videos taken by the NZ support crew.

We're trying to capture and publish some video this year which will be posted on this web page.

The NZ iTKD Group on Facebook
This is a really good place to see the latest news, leave comments or post notices to the team. It's interactive so team members can see your feedback and comments. We post some pictures here and a link to images every time they're published. Once you belong to the group all the updates appear in your Facebook feed. If you don't belong to Facebook and want to be among the action, this is the place to be.

** You need to apply to join the iTKD Facebook group which now has over 1,000 members. We will accept your request as soon as we see it (bearing in mind we are in the Madrid, Spain timezone - 11 hours behind you!). Anyone can join the group although spammers or anyone abusing it will be deleted. **
This website shows the latest TKDAction tweets, articles and images. The articles and images are fed through to the world champs page.

Live Video Streams
We have been told that there will be some live video streams from the official tournament website but at time of writing there doesn't appear to be information about it on the website yet. We believe it will be a service that you will need to subscribe and pay to watch.