Tuesday 22 October 2013

Visit to Benidorm Beach

The team were talking last night about the "experience" of going down to the beach. It's a couple of kilometers walk from our hotel to the beach front. I took a walk after breakfast this morning, getting back at about 1.30pm or so - right in the height of the heat. I'm guessing the temperature is around thirty degrees in the middle of the day... enough to break into a good sweat when walking in it. There's not a cloud to be seen and it looks like it hasn't rained in a long time. There's only the slightest of breeze.

If you've seen the TV programme Benidorm then this is just like it. It's a huge area of hotels lining miles and miles of beach. The beach is super crowded by our standards - like what you see in al those crowds on beaches that you see in photos of the Med. Except here the tourist population seem to be 100% middle-age to mostly elderly large British. The only Spanish around are working in the shops, taxis, buses, hotels and restaurants.

There's an abundance of those electric 4 wheel scooters, occasionally with one large lady sitting on the lap of another to get a lift :)

Here's a couple more photos...