Sunday 11 February 2007

Taupo Camp - Sunday 11/02/07

I've just got a few minutes to post this before we all head off home.
This morning it was up at 7am and over to the gym for patterns practice at about 8am. The coaches had another 10 or so interviews to complete while this was going on.
Next up was power training; girls team patterns and sparring training for the rest of the team. The girls team patterns are coming along well and they performed them in front of the team at the end.
Last up was the usual 128's of pushups, situps, squats, turning kicks (keeping your knee up, half with each leg). Three of the team (Shane, Jeremy and Candice) decided a total of 254 turning kicks wasn't enough and went on to do an extra 256.
Mark Hanna impressed the coaches enough with his continued training and sparring on Saturday to be invited to join the team for individual sparring (hyperweight). That put a smile on his dial.
I took a few photos during the morning which are at the bottom of this gallery.