Saturday 17 February 2007

Training - Tuesday 13/02/07

Tonight Mr Pellow's training session had a special visitor, Master McPhail, who worked with some of the team members on their individual patterns.

After some intensive one-on-one pattern review sessions it was time for the the girls team patterns to come under his scrutiny. Master McPhail gave pointers and some useful techniques for the girls to use to draw their individual patterns to a common team style. The girls team have only been practicing their team pattern together for a few weeks and we can see that they are rapidly sharpening it. A couple more months and they will be awesome.

"Master McPhail spots every little fault", said Jeremy.

A regular visitor to our training sessions, Toni, who has been away for the last couple of weeks due to an injury said that she could see a marked rise in everyone's confidence in their sparring. The team's performance seems to be improving rapidly at the moment.