Saturday 17 February 2007

Training - Saturday 17/02/07

Today was our regular Saturday training. Due to Mr Pellow having a wedding to go to in the afternoon the training session was early, 9am-12pm. Johs, Callum and Sam were up at 4.30am to drive the 4 hours from Kaio to Auckland!

The team practiced sparring, power and girls team pattern.

They started with sparring drills focusing on reaction time and effective counter techniques moving on to 2 minute one-on-one free sparring rounds in the ring with the remainder of the team observing and scoring. Even during training with their mates, Mr Pellow has instilled the desire to win with various prizes for the loser. The 2 minute rounds were fought with an increasing intensity and desire to win, especially amongst the boys.

Check out a few of the better photos.