Sunday 28 February 2010

Taupo Development Camp

Deejay Thompson getting back into it with his usual intensity.

I wasn't intending to go down to the Taupo Development Camp this weekend but when 4 boxes containing 41 TKD Photobooks for the 2009 World Champs turned up at work (a week earlier than I expected) I bunged them into the car and shot down to Taupo hoping to get as many as possible into the hands of their owners.

I took Deejay Thompson down with me. Both us had to be back for Saturday early evening. It was nice catching up with him. I hadn't seen him for ages as he'd taken a year off to setup his business as a personal training coach. With 40 regular clients he's now ready to come back and get back into Taekwon-Do. He's fit... working from early morning until early evening 6 days a week in a gym he get's plenty of physical action and is looking in great shape.

We got down on Friday night and spent the Saturday morning at training.
Settling in Friday night.

Training kick off.

Soaked in sweat by lunchtime.

As usual I took plenty of photos of the training action (99 random photos)...