Saturday 13 February 2010

World Champs Pick of the Pix - Big Hits

Jeremy Hanna
Jeremy Hanna catches England with a nice side-kick.

After the last Kiwis Getting Hit post I thought I'd better find a few images with the kiwis on their front foot dishing out some damage. In this article boys are delivering the goods, and they're not all kiwis....

Carl Van Roon
Carl Van Roon executes a VR classic jumping punch with Jhonatan Batista of Argentina in the Heavyweight final. Batista won.

Kane Baigent
Kane Baigent lands a nice quick head punch.

Russia vs Poland
Russia delivering a nice strong side-kick to Poland.

Mark Trotter
Mark Trotter vs USA. Interesting air technique on the part of USA while Mark executes a nice high kick and punch. Trotter won.

Jeremy Hanna
Jeremy Hanna responds to being boxed by Nejc Blanusa of Slovinia in with a well positioned side kick in the Junior heavyweight final. Blanusa won.