Saturday 6 February 2010

World Champs Pick of the Pix - Kiwis Getting Hit

Clint King
Clint King takes a big hit from Poland in the World Champs.

During the World Champs Daiana Turnes from Argentina (now a World Champ in sparring) asked if I could take a few photos of her sparring which I was delighted to do. She said "please take some of me hitting, not just getting hit" which made me laugh. These days I take as much delight in capturing a good shot of one of our guys taking a good hit as them giving out one. That hasn't always been the case as in the past I've been looking for good shots of the person I'm following, not their competitor. Looking through all the WC09 images, I've got to work harder at getting images of us on the back foot as well as the front foot! More balanced coverage. It's sure to get a reaction from time to time. I well remember Carolina pleading with me not to show what I thought was a particularly good shot of her receiving a spectacular hit from her opponent - can't quite recall the exact situation, but it happens. :-)

So, let's get it over with... here are a few shots of kiwis taking some good hits at the height of action at the World Champs. Ouch...

Carolina Dillen
Carolina Dillen giving and taking.

Paige Moki
Paige Moki taking a good kick to the head.

Kane Baigent
Kane Baigent looks like he missed but the Pole has hit.

Sandi Galpin
Sandi Galpin on the receiving end of a nice kick from Argentina.

Jeremy Hanna
Jeremy Hanna tries to fend off a head kick from Poland - looks like the kick hit target to me.