Saturday 16 May 2009

Pick of the Pix Series, Encore

This is the final sequence in Mr Mark Trotter and Luke Thompson’s gold medal winning pre-arranged sparring performance in Quebec. At time of taking this photo, they’d won their gold medal and were asked to perform it again in front of the crowd either before or after one of the sparring finals.

One reason that many of us really like this image is that it has our Master Paul McPhail lit up in the background, barely visible vague shapes of the crowd in the background and it captures Luke at the peak of his final flip.

The only “treatment” the image has had is removal of about 10% of the frame from the right hand side to move Mark and Luke to the right creating more focal tension in the image between Master McPhail and the champions.  This image works better in colour.

Specs: 1/200s 70.0mm f/4.5 ISO:1250