Thursday 21 May 2009

Pick of the Pix Series, Leaping Mountains

The day before the 2008 World Cup in Reva del Garda, Italy, the kiwis got together for a light training. We’d been here for nearly a week and this morning was the first time that the mountains had been really clear – they’d been very hazy all the other days. Carl and Jeremy were keen to get a creative photo or two with the mountains in the background. Later we were wishing they had full doboks on and had removed their shoes…. That was a lesson for me for the future!

We were on the roof deck of a 4 story hotel and I had to lie down on my back to get the photos with the mountain tops in the background. I pre-focused the camera and aimed it at the spot where I hoped Carl would end up and then held the camera up while watching him without looking through the view finder. With this sort of thing – like high kicks, it’s no use looking through the view finder because the narrow view is too hard to predict when to click the shutter. It took us 5-6 jumps to get what we wanted – mostly time for me to get in the groove with my aim and timing with a little bit of Carl working on his position and form.

Specs: 1/800s 21mm f/8.0 ISO: 320
Here we are in the process of making and reviewing the picture.