Friday 5 June 2009

Pick of the Pix Series, Interesting Patterns

Specs: 1/250s, 210.0mm, f/5.6, ISO: 1000

I've taken thousands of photos of patterns. Yet when I look in some of my "favourites" albums, there's only 3-4 patterns images saved as "special". The one above of Regan Digglemann is great due to the contrast with the background, the energy and the intense expression on his face.

Why do I have so few "nice" pattern shots? I find it hard to get a dynamic exciting image of someone or a pair competing performing patterns. It is easy with good competitors to capture great technique, but the images aren't exciting unless there is something extraordinary about the composition.

I've wondered if I could make something special by taking a photo from immediately above looking straight down (difficult) or by lying the camera on the ground looking up. Maybe I'll try that soon.

Here's another that I quite like of Paige Moki from the 2008 World Cup. you can see that it is not the technique but the composition that makes it interesting.

Specs: 1/160s, 85.0mm prime, f/3.2, ISO:1600