Wednesday 24 June 2009

Pick of the Pix Series, Trotter 2007 Sparring - The Match

Specs: 1/320s, 70.0mm, f/5.0, ISO: 1250

This is the third article in a series covering Mark Trotter's 2007 World Champs match against the then current World Cup champion Maxime Bujold from Canada in round one of the micro-weight division.

Here's what Jeremy wrote about it back in June 2007...

Mark Trotter vs Canada – senior male micro-weight sparring:
The entire stadium surrounds the ring, the roar is deafening! The kiwis do a haka for Mark as the two fighters bow in. The first round is intense – both fighters try to fake out an attack from the other, Mark launches a couple of quick turning kicks but the Canadian dodges, Mark comes close but the Canadian lands a clean side kick. Mark now has to play ‘catch up’. The Canadian knows this and waits and waits for his counter attack. Mark throws some lightning turning kicks, downward kicks and reverse turning kicks – but the Canadian picks his moments well and places clear side kicks in the gaps. Round 2 is better for Mark, he lands some clear points of his own and it’s amazing to watch. The stadium is shaking from the crowd.
Loss – the Canadian is the reigning world cup champion Maxime Bujold – it’s a pity the two had to meet in the first round as they were arguably the best two fighters in the division – could have easily been a final. Canadian goes on to win gold.

Photos of the match...

Video of the match...