Saturday 27 June 2009

World Champs Training

Specs: 1/200s, 17.0mm, f3.5, ISO: 1000, Flash

Carl and Luke wrestling at training today.

Today I decided that I had to go to the world champs training in Mt Wellington and do some practice myself... of the photographic kind of course. So I thought I'd work on taking the images in black and white (a change from taking them in colour and converting them to black and white afterwards), with flash and go for a harsh, high-contrast look. I also wanted to get in close and try different angles, especially close to the floor.

Kris Herbison was up for the weekend and joined in. I heard him comment that he must do less admin and more training - I think he was enjoying himself.

I got some cool wide angle shots in close of the senior men wrestling at the end of the session. I'm putting them together and will put them up on the website tomorrow.

In the mean time here is some of the sparring and patterns action...