Tuesday 27 October 2009

How to get World Champs Team Updates to your Mobile via SMS

Yesterday I outlined the different ways that you can keep updated on the World Champs Team with help from my esteemed colleague and social networker extroadinaire Anthea Whittle have figured out how to get TKDAction twitter updates automatically pushed to your mobile via SMS - cool eh!

This is achieved by getting the twitter tweets from TKDAction pushed to your Vodafone or Telecom mobile phone. (Other NZ networks are not currently supported.)

Here's an overview of what you need to do (detailed instructions are further below):
1. Setup a twitter account unless you already have one. If you don't have one, join the 21st century and hundreds of millions of other users and sign up. It's free and fun :-)
2. Login to www.twitter.com
3. Browse to www.twitter.com/TKDAction and click FOLLOW to follow tweets from this account
4. Configure your twitter account to work with your mobile phone
5. Configure your twitter account to send you a SMS for each TKDAction tweet.

NB: You can turn it off and on again via SMS and can also configure the time of day (within twitter) so our morning tweets from Argentina don't wake you up in the night.

Details on how to setup Twitter for mobile and receive text updates from a specific twitter user:

a. Sign into Twitter and click settings, then the devices tab or go to: http://twitter.com/devices

b. Enter your mobile number, and follow the steps to link Twitter to your mobile device. (+64 is the international code for NZ)

c. When logged in to twitter.com navigate to www.twitter.com/TKDAction and click on FOLLOW.

d. Once you have completed the setup, go to your "following" list - click "Profile" and then "following" in the right hand column of your profile.

e. Next to each person you follow is a little mobile icon under the "Settings" column in the table. Simply click this icon to receive updates from this user to your mobile, the icon will turn green for those users you choose to receive text updates from.

Note that you can set the times that Twitter can text you by going to the device settings page - handy if you don't want midnight texts.

Going a step further, you can also update your own status and respond to tweets from your mobile via @mentions or direct messages using a particular syntax and sending to twitter, more on this here:

Each text message you send to Twitter costs your standard rate, depending on the plan you have setup with your mobile carrier. From what I can tell so far, txt alerts from Twitter are free.

Any questions, drop in a comment and I'll do my best to answer queries.