Thursday 8 October 2009

Only Six Weeks To Go!!

Time just flies.... it is only 6 weeks tomorrow when the NZ Team departs for Argentina for the 2009 World Champs. And the six weeks will just fly by super fast too!

The team members are pretty pumped. At the closing ceremony of the Nationals 10 days ago Mr Mike Yates introduced the team members individually to the Nationals audience. As the ceremony ended they formed a tight ring joining hands to give a massive high five to our success this year. I rushed in too and captured this image...

Canon 30D, 17.0mm, 1/30s, f/4, ISO: 640

This last weekend saw the team assemble for their second to last Taupo Camp before we head off. After the Nationals and a week travelling up and down the North Island I took the weekend off and stayed home with my feet up. Although to be honest, I spent most of the weekend on-line and tagging NZ team members in my image library for this year to date. I've now finished 2006 through to 2009 so can pull up the best images of this years team members who have ordered photo books in seconds. It was a painful job and I'm glad it is done.

Anyway, this was the first camp I've missed for a while but by all reports it went well.

A lot of practice was put in on team patterns and on Monday night I saw the junior male and female team patterns performed at a special training at PaulM and they were very impressive. Naturally I can't give much away because I'm sure other countries are following our news updates too!  Hopefully we can show you video on youtube as well as pictures after they have performed at the event.

The camp saw the presentation of the team track suits, doboks, bags, polo shirts and the like. We're in Adidas gear this year and it looks stunning. I'll try and get some photos from reluctant models in the coming days to show you.