Monday 5 October 2009

World Champs Team Members Join PaulM Training Session

Canon 7D, 85.0mm, 1/160s, f/3.2, ISO: 1600

Local Auckland members of the Junior World Champs team, together with a few out-of-towners who are training this week in Auckland during school holidays, joined in a club training session with Master McPhail and Mr Steve Pellow tonight.

Out of towners included Amy Reeder from Whangarei, Shane Black and Kara Timmer from Tauranga and Gisborne students Michael and Simon Davis.

Master McPhail had the team members perform their patterns in front of the club students and parents, giving advice on areas to focus on while Mr Pellow had the club students perform some of the world champs team training routines.

A highlight was performance of a number of the male and female team patterns which are looking good.

Here are a few pictures....