Tuesday 20 October 2009

One Month / 30 Sleeps Until Lift Off

It is only one month today until we assemble at Auckland Airport to board Aerolineas Argentinas on flight AR1183 bound for Buenos Aires. We take off at 7.30pm so there is time to meet up there late in the day like we have done in previous years.

The image above is of the team, coaches, managers and supporters soon before departure to the 2007 World Champs in Quebec. We had a 12 hour flight to LA, short overnighted there (ie up at 4am) and then travelled all day hitting our beds in Quebec City at about 12.30am. That was one big long day!

Everyone is getting really excited, nervous, sick of waiting, can't wait, anxious... in other words - lots of different emotions as time rushes by. Can't wait - it's going to be so awesome.