Sunday 19 October 2008

Day 3 of competition – morning

We’re back at the hotel for lunch. Results so far today:

Hanna – sparring – Gold

Mark and Luke – pre-arranged sparring – Gold (they performed 4 times to great crowd adulation)
They have the honour of being asked to perform again tonight for the opening ceremony so Luke has decided not to spar.

Don Leong – specialty side kick – Gold (previously posted incorrectly that he had won sparring)

Don Leong – specialty high kick – Gold

Hayden – sparring – Silver

Medal hopeful for specialty, Carl, had bitter luck. Last night he cleared the high jump in the second and final round but was disallowed because he raised his hands and yelled out “Yes”. In the high kick, he hit the board but it didn’t quite flip right up so it scored 0.

Afi and Richard made it to round two in their sparring events.

DJ took a sidekick in the ribs and dislodged one.

Will update others tonight.