Monday 20 October 2008

Final afternoon of competition

We didn’t pull any medals in the team sparring.

The junior girls only had three in the team, won two and drew one and had to forfeit.

The senior men one the first round and lost the second.

However we ended the competition with two grand champions – the highest individual medals for their category:

Don Leong and Sonja Robinson!!

And Carolina was first equal in her division which means that she didn’t receive an award but is a brilliant result!

The after party has begun and I’m the only party pooper so far so rushing to get this up for you before launching into it.

We catch a bus in the morning at 4am!! That’s FOUR AM – not looking forward to that one.

Photos from this morning

Photos from this afternoon (plus some to entertain you I hope)

Cheers for now - it's party time!