Saturday 11 October 2008

Rome to Reverto by train then bus to Reva Del Garda

Today’s trip north to our home at Lake Garda for the next 10 days was very relaxing.
We caught the underground for 2 stops to the main train terminal and were on our train in plenty of time. We had first class tickets and it was really roomy and comfortable.

For me the highlight was the view of the countryside and rural life in Italy as we travelled north. We had spectacular views. The train wasn’t super fast – we figured it was doing about 120k judging our speed vs the traffic on the highways.
However five and a half hours started getting to the team and they were getting a bit cabin feverish towards the end.

I lost my 10 Euro bet with Mark that the bus to collect us would be late. As he expected, the driver was at the station ready to take us to Lake Garda. After our pre-arranged lift from the airport at Rome failed to turn up I was not expecting great things. However, I figured I’d win one way or another either way!

We didn’t know how long this part of the trip was going to take and were expecting an hour or two but were rapped when the driver said it was only about half an hour’s drive.

We got in there at about three o’clock and after settling into our rooms we split to check out the town.

I took a few photos of my wander around the town for everyone back home. It didn’t take long to start getting cool. Because we’re nestled in the mountains, the sun disappears pretty early in the afternoon and with the lake right by us you can feel the temperature dropping. However, it’s now five thirty and it is warm enough inside to still be in shorts and t shirts. Outside you’d need to be more warmly dressed after 4.30is I reckon.

Sussed out the anticipated internet access for our rooms. There isn’t any :-(

If you’re reading this I hopefully negotiated a better deal than the NZ$7/half hour internet access the Hotel charge for access to their wireless internet which has a range of the Hotel Lobby and not much more. We’re on the 3rd floor and no sign of any wireless here. Sigh. I can’t stand not being on-line with what I want to do during the lead up and the tournament. The internet doesn’t seem to have hit Italy much yet… either that or the tourists aren’t demanding it.
Enough winging about that…. And about time I got this finished and on-line.

PS. It is now after dinner. The best we can do is 30 Euro (about NZ$70) for 10 hours which won’t be enough for the duration by a long shot. I hope you appreciate the updates. I’ll put my virtual busking tin out for your donations :-)