Monday 27 October 2008

Sunday visit to ancient Kazimierz Dolny

Because the weather was so good, today Master Jedut took us to a famous and popular town called Kazimierz Dolny about a 50 minute drive on the other side of Lublin.

It is a village nestled next to a large river. The first records of the township date back to 1181 – over 800 years ago! Some of the ruins that we visited are about 500 years old.

We climbed to the castle ruins, tower and triple cross, high up above the village we were hungry by about 2pm having skipped breakfast and had a late lunch at Zielona Tawerna restaurant in the village.

During our visit here in Poland we have had and continue to have many discussions
with Master Jedut about Taekwon-do including training methods, preparation for tournaments, tournament history, many successful Taekwon-do students and many other topics. Mark commented that he found this knowledge and discussion as valuable as the training sessions and we all enjoy the discussions immensely.

Master Jedut has been extremely generous with his time and knowledge and for that we are very grateful.

Tomorrow he has a busy day so we will be on our own but will attend training in the evening. On Tuesday we are hoping to visit the remains of a German concentration camp at a village near here.

We hope you are all having an enjoyable Labour Weekend back in New Zealand.

Cheers for now