Tuesday 14 October 2008

Hotel Oasis rooftop training

This morning we joined up with the rest of the kiwis for training on the rooftop of Hotel Oasis. The view to the lake and mountains was great and it was relatively cool plus there were no insects to buzz you. Also the floor is tiled and quite nice on the feet compared with the concrete of the basket ball court where we’ve trained on other mornings.

Having everyone training together was great and at one point everyone stopped to watch Luke and Mark practice their prearranged routine (minus the flips) to a loud applause.

Check out the photos…

This afternoon a few of us are going on a boat trip across the lake to another small town and tomorrow some of us are going on a bus trip to Venice for the day tomorrow. The local travel agent has arranged it especially for us. They normally only run in the high season. Leaves at 8am and returns 8pm so it will be a full on day.

Have posted photos of the Lemone trip and also of the Reva Del Garda township on Doug's Photography Blog.