Monday 20 October 2008

Day 4 of competition – morning update

We’re back at the hotel for lunch. The only events left are the team sparring which began about and hour prior to lunch and continue when we get back.

Firstly, correction from yesterday’s reports. I credited Don Leong with a Gold in sparring which was incorrect. He has won three medals; Specialty High Kick – Gold, Specialty Side Kick – Gold, Patterns – Gold.

In sparring this morning, Kane Baigent was first up and lost in a very large division which had to be split into two.

Courtney Meleisea won several rounds taking Bronze.

Melissa Timperley was beaten in her first round on the raised ring.

Kristie Leong won two rounds (I think) but was eliminated in the third.

Claire Kendal went through three rounds winning bronze.

Jeremy Hanna made the quarter final in a division of 53 and narrowly lost to a Slovenian who went on to win the Gold.

Here's a few pics to wet your appetite for the rest tonight...