Monday 27 October 2008

Lazy day today (Saturday)

Master Jedut had an ITF meeting in Lublin today and we made the most of having no plans with a day of rest – including some extra sleep! And no training!

Late in the day Master Jedut picked us up and we went out for dinner to one of his favourite restaurants in Lublin. He warned us that the meals they served were huge and he was right!

After dinner he also took us to see the ancient area in Lublin, established in the 13th century. It reminded us of how short our NZ history is.

On the way back in the car we had a very interesting talk about what it was like in Poland during the war and afterwards under communist rule. This was very interesting and we really enjoyed learning first hand about what life in Poland was like. They were grim times indeed. We commented how we hadn’t directly seen any extreme hostility or adversity in our lifetimes and how luck we have been.

Poland goes out of daylight saving tonight so we get an extra hour in bed! This means that from tomorrow we’ll be 12 hours different to NZ time, so 8am in NZ will be 8pm here.

As promised, we took a picture of Master Judet and his Fiat Coupe.