Wednesday 12 August 2009

Best Patterns of Patterns #1

Lens: 21.0mm, 1/160s, f/2.8, ISO: 800

150 competitors, 3 rings and a patterns tournament that will go on all day. What does a photographer do to challenge himself? It's so hard to create an exciting image from patterns competition. Got to try something different... think back to all the other photos of patterns... which ones stand out? Blast I just missed that nice jump - it would have looked good... I wish I actually knew the patterns better. I know, look for patterns between the competitors. Well, after over 2,000 images I got 5 ones of a nice graphic pattern formed between the two competitors. Excuse the pun :-(

The image above is the nicest, I love it. Mike Hoy in the foreground and James Varcoe behind (we think) performing Choong Moo make a nice pattern with one being positioned behind the other. Got to move quick to capture this effect or take thousands of images and fluke it.

I work hard to always capture faces and eyes amongst the action and it's actually quite refreshing to have bodies and no faces for a change. Here's another...

Lens: 55.0mm, 1/160s, f/2.8, ISO: 800

This is Courtney Meleisea in the foreground (I zoomed in on the belt) but I can't tell you who is in the background. Leave a comment if you know who it is. Nice symmetrical body positioning of the two competitors.

Lens: 28.0mm, 1/160s, f/2.8, ISO: 800

Danielle Drylie in the foreground and Erica Germain in the background performing a right turning kick in Chung-moo. The synchronicity is not quite as good as the other images, but hey, the pattern they form together is still quite cool.

More patterns of patterns images tomorrow...

Advice on the patterns being performend by Mark Hanna.