Saturday 15 August 2009

Taupo Camp - Saturday Action

This was the first Taupo training camp since the team trials back at the end of May. Saturday started off with sparring drills and free sparring. This was an opportunity to mix up sparring partners between the regions.

Next they broke up into different team events with male teams working on power and specialty with female teams working on patterns. The junior male team also worked on their patterns. Others worked on their own events.

The day finished in the late afternoon with performances of team patterns, some individual patterns and team power performances.

Dinner was a fantastic roast (lamb, port and chicken) followed by our tradition of ice cream and fruit. It was all demolished in the usual style after a full day's training.

I've got to be a little careful about what I do and don't photograph/show at this stage so that we don't let on too much to other country teams what we're doing. This is especially so for team patterns and pre-arranged for obvious reasons.