Sunday 16 August 2009

Taupo Camp - Sunday Action

Sunday morning started with a group run through patterns to help warm up followed by individual patterns performances.

Next up was a mini-team sparring tournament with 6 teams of 5:
* 2 x light weight
* 2 x middle-weight
* 2 x heavy weight
They had three rounds of team sparring matches (15 matches in total).

Then they broked off into team patterns, team power and other events followed by performances of team specialty.

Lastly was the "Captains Hour" which was a team building exercise of fun - see the pictures of them crashing into the big blue gymnastics mats.

It rained most of the time were were in Taupo but it wasn't cold and it didn't bother us. Unfortunately a small number of seniors weren't able to attend due to work commitments and one or two were away sick.

The camp had a really good feel to it. Everyone got on really well and we're looking forward to the next one, a week after the Nationals.