Sunday 22 November 2009

Breakfast in Mar Del Plata

Many of us had trouble getting to sleep as we're 8 hours ahead of NZ plus a day behind. So midnight is 4pm NZT. Woke at a leisurely 8.30am and everyone was up and about handing over their dosh for the entry fees and accommodation and having the buffet breakfast.

I hadn't appreciated how poor Argentina is. Our guide who met us at the airport and delivered us to the hotel has a teaching degree (5 years study) but only earns 400 pesos per month (less than NZ$200). Males earn more, about 1000 pesos per month.

We're preparing to go out and explore the city. Training is from about 2.30pm-5pm a few blocks away. The tournament organisers have given us great maps showing where all the countries are staying, where the restaurants, money exchanges are etc.

Looking forward to getting out there.... back later