Tuesday 17 November 2009

Last World Champs Mt Wellington Training

Tonight was the last of about 100 training sessions held by Mr Steve Pellow for the Auckland team members at the Mt Wellington Dogang prior to us all departing to Argentina.

It was slightly emotional as we bid farwell to Steve as he, along with Mr Dave Ballard (head coach) and Mr Mike Yates (Manager) leave a couple of days before us to case out our accommodation and organise some training facilities.

Jeremy Hanna performing a mid-air kick. He was off to the right of camera quite a lot so I held my new camera in that position and said "hit it and you die". He then hit the board instead of the space next to the board and I got quite a unusual shot out of it.

And the rest of the photos (76)...

3 sleeps until we leave... Come see the team off at Auckland International Airport from 4.30pm. Our plane departs at 7.30pm so you can catch up with the team members and supporters from 4.30-6.30 ish.

See you there if you can make it!