Saturday 28 November 2009

Some Interesting Web Stats on Day 1 World Champs
Visits - 860
Unique Visitors - 418

Twitter updates - so far 133 (not easy to count just yesterdays - too many!)

Facebook posts by team members and comments from supporters back home - countless

Photos taken Day 1 - 3,400 (The most I've ever taken in one day by like 200%)
Photos published - 806 (more to come at some stage - this was a fast/rough selection)
Volume of photos 24 Gigabytes
Amount of space remaining on camera memory cards at end of day - 700 photos only.

Times thrown out of the centre stage by security - 1 (then Steve Pellow went and spoke to Master Merano who gave Doug and two other team photographers (my friend Master Judit from Poland and another female photographer from Poland) the only permission to be in the centre stage - phew!)