Thursday 26 November 2009

Successful Weigh-in - Now's Good for Shopping

The NZ team started their weigh in at 8.30am and we're finished by 11am. After the Italy World Cup fiasco weigh ins had been well planned and groups were programmed in for certain times so competitors weren't standing around waiting for hours. As it was other countries didn't follow instructions and turned up randomly in bulk. The kiwi team, being well organised, came through in small groups at the designated time and sailed through.

There were a few nervous competitors as if you weren't in your weight range, you had one hour to work and weight in again then that was it, disqualification.

As it was we think their scales may have been weighing in light and all of the Kiwis were fine although many were starving.

Story of a dieter I know: Jeremy weighted in at about 10.30am this morning (it’s now 4.15pm). He was feeling pretty awful yesterday because he was so hungry. Monday convinced him to have soup for tea, Tuesday no food and little water. Went to supermarket and bought chocolate and 3 x re-hydration drinks for after weigh in. Today weighed in at 2kg under and he felt the scales could have been about a kilo on the light side.

When he got back took Jeremy, Aramai and Kane a block away to an Italian casual cafĂ©/restaurant and they all ordered a huge steak toasted sandwich each. I ordered nothing knowing they’d not finish and ended up having some of Jem’s 50% leftovers. Aramai was the only one to get more than 50% throgh the huge meal - see photos below.

Since then Carolyn and Sharon convinced me to let them take me to the “market” clothing shops. Bought a few training singlets, T shirts and hoodie for Mark and Pat. Was taken to a leather jacket shop which was closed and will go back later with Jem. NZ$200 leather jackets - really good quality dress ones.

Labour is cheap so clothing is locally made and very cheap, and leather especially so (big cattle industry).

Decided not to take photos today to have a rest. Been getting up at 6.30am and pretty much worked most of the day hitting the sack at close to midnight. Sleeping not fantastic but not too bad either. Got up at 4am this morning and wrote some lists. Then went back to bed and slept until 7.50am!! Can’t leave phone off and alarm on. May use my old nz phone in flight mode for the alarm clock to wake me up. No alarm clocks in our rooms.

Ready to get into it although I know it’s going to be the hardest event to cover yet I think. Crowds galore expected. Have no desk in my room so spending hours each day with the hot laptop on my knees is a bit of a killer.