Monday 30 November 2009

World Champs Day 3 - Rest of the Photos

It is 7.15am Sunday morning in Mar Del Plata. The team have gone off in the bus and I've stayed behind at the hotel to upload some more images for you.

I haven't had time to sort through all of Day 3's photos but have uploaded the remaining 1500 or so in batches so you can at least look at them unedited. There's lots of repetition in there which will be eliminated, along with the bad shots, once I have more time available.

So, go the the following link and look for the galleries marked:

2009-11-28- WC MDP Day 3 All Pt# where #=1 to 6. This will put into the PicasaWeb site where you can select a gallery then click on the [Slide Show] button at the top.

I'm going to leave the albums uploading and grab a taxi. The internet link in the hotel here is pretty unreliable and right now is running really slow so if it craps out, my notebook will fall off the internet and the upload will stop until I come back and reboot their internet router again. (I have to do this each day and sometimes several times a day... have given up asking them to do it and just dive in and do it myself).

Today is mostly team sparring, team specialty and team power.

I'm off to grab a taxi to the venue now.