Sunday 29 November 2009

NZ Team - Day 3 Commentary [updated]

Special thanks to Sandi Galpin and others for compiling this during the day, for twittering the results as they happened (except when I took the phone for Jem to call his Mum about his silver medal which took him an hour and a half or so to get a break to do)

Senior Male Power
Luke Thompson Gold Medal (2x world champ)

Senior Female Power
Amanda Cleland Bronze Medal

Male Junior Power
Stuart Madden Gold Medal
Must mention that Shane Black, with bound up right arm and shoulder competed attempting the punch with his left hand (failed) and knife hand punch with his left hand (success). He missed one of the kicks I think, landing 4th place.

Female Junior Power
Kristy Leong Silver Medal
Anna Yates Bronze Medal

Junior Female Light weight Sparring
Annaliese Burr v Poland = Loss

Junior Girls Middle weight Sparring
Phillipa Henry v Spain = Loss
Mellisa Timperly v Slovenia = Loss

Junior Female Hyper weight Sparring
Kristy Leong v Norway = Loss
Amy Reeder v Argentina = Loss

Junior Boys Light weight Sparring
Mitchell Craig v Ireland = Win
Mitchell Craig v Germany = Loss
Michael Davis v Ireland = Loss

Junior Male Middle Weight
Aramai Tahau v USA = Win
Ethan Parker v Greece = Win
Aramai v Ethan = Win to Ethan [daft draw has them meet in their second round]
Ethan v Paraguay = Loss

Junior Boys Heavy weight Sparring
Jeremy Hanna v Argentina = Win
Jeremy Hanna v USA = Win
Jeremy Hanna v England = Win
Jeremy Hanna v Poland = Win
Jeremy Hanna v Solvenia = Loss
Jeremy Wins Silver Medal
[Highest medal ever for NZ Junior Male Sparring at World Champs]

Junior Male Hyper weight Sparring
Hamish Duncan v Ireland = Win
Hamish Duncan v Argentina = Loss

Shane Black v Germany = Loss

Senior Male Micro weight
Mark Trotter v USA = Draw then Win
Mark Trotter v Jamacia = Win [World Cup Champion 2008]
Mark Trotter v Russia = Loss
Mark Wins Bronze medal
[His first w/champs sparring medal since he started competing in the World Champs in 2000]

Senior Male Light weight Sparring
Chris Broughton v Finland = Win
Chris Broughton v Netherlands = Loss

Senior Male Middle Weight Sparring
Kane Bagient v Venezuela = Loss

Senior Male Heavy weight Sparring
Carl Van Roon v Austria = Win
Carl Van Roon v Columbia = Win
Carl Van Roon v Slovenia = Win [European Champion, beat 2005 World Champion (Daniel from Poland) in previous round]
Carl Van Roon v Brazil = Win [World Champion 2007]
Carl Van Roon v Argentina = Loss [Silver medalist 2007]
Carl Wins Silver Medal

Senior Female Middle Weight Sparring
Alyssa Parker v Finland = Loss

Senior Female Heavy Weight Sparring
Nikki Galpin v Argentina = Loss

Senior Female Hyper Weight Sparring
Amanda Cleland v Finland = Loss