Sunday 22 November 2009

First Training Session in Casa Del Plata

We had our first local training session this afternoon. We are really lucky to have the use of a local TKD club Dojang which, while a little small, was excellent. It's only about a 10 minute walk away and the master who runs it invited us back to train again tomorrow (Sunday) when it is usually closed. Was hot even with aircon going flat out.

I got a bit carried away with a fair few "creative" images in the room at the top of the building. It had floor to ceiling windows with venetian blinds and the light was really nice. So bear with me as you cruise through the images selected.

Images from training (198)...

We're heading out to dinner in half an hour (at 8pm local time). Have found beer in big bottles in the supermarket for about NZ$2 per bottle. Tastes really good now!