Saturday 28 November 2009

NZ Team - Day 2 Commentary

A big thanks to Kristy for doing all of today's Twitter updates, Nikki Galpin for taking these notes and Estee for speed typing them up for us all...

In order of the day...

Junior Boys Micro weight
Jamie Searle v Slovenia = Loss
Simon Davis v Puerto Rico = Loss

Junior Girls Micro weight
Kara Timmer v Argentina = Win
Kara Timmer v Brazil = Win
Kara Timmer v USA = Loss
Kara wins Silver Medal

Junior Girls Heavey weight
Analiese Kerkvliett v Norway = Win
Analiese Kerkvliett v Canada = Loss

Courtney Meleisea v Spain = Win
Courtney Meleisea v England = Win
Courtney Meleisea v Argentina = Loss
Courtney Wins Bronze medal

Paige Moki v England = Loss

Senior Girls Micro weight
Estee Speirs v Argentina = Loss

Senior Girls Light weight
Carolina Dillen v Paraguay = Win
Carolina Dillen v Norway = Win
Carolina Dillen v Scotland (4 times? world champ) = Loss
Carolina Wins Bronze Medal
Final is tomorrow - Scotland vs Argentina

Senior Girls Heavy Weight
Nikki Galpin v Sweden = Win

Senior Male Specialty Technique
Carl Van Roon = 7 out of 8 points
Gold Medal

Senior Pre-Arranged Sparring
Mark & Luke v Puerto Rico = Win
Mark & Luke v Brasil = Win
Mark & Luke v Argentina = Loss
Mark & Luke win Silver Medal